Sectional garage doors

• Open vertically upwards, under the ceiling – joined segments are guided on rollers along guide bars – this ergonomic solution makes the space inside a garage as large as possible and there is no need to have additional space in front of the garage to open and shut the gate comfortably.
• They may be operated manually or automatically – in either case the operation is safe and simple.
• They are well-protected – equipped with simple and reliable mechanical systems protecting against burglary – a lock and bolt.
• They ensure good thermal and acoustic insulation because of the fact that they are manufactured from the segments 40 mm thick, filled with polyurethane foam and around the door surface, a system of fixed seals is installed.
A durable door needs to be manufactured from the materials of proper strength. This is obvious. That is why the sections of the KRISPOL garage doors are made of fire-galvanised, polyester-coated steel plates.
Their walls thickness is 0.5 or 0.7 mm. The section is filled with the layer of non-freon polyurethane foam ensuring good thermal and acoustic insulation.