illbruck i3

According to the Energy Saving Ordinance, it is nothing new for building owners to have window joints professionally sealed in accordance with the current state of the art. Failure to do so can lead to high warranty claims. Therefore, the selection of the right sealing material is of decisive importance.

The principle of “tighter on the inside than the outside”

A proper seal is the result of the interaction between the outer, middle and inner layers. Optimal results can only be achieved if the layers of the sealant harmonize with each other according to the principle of “tighter on the inside than the outside” to form a complete system. The illbruck “i3” sealant reliably prevents thermal bridges and complies with the RAL “tighter in than out” principle recommended for door and window installations. Thus illbruck “i3” is a high quality window sealing system.

Installation and sealing system fully tested by the Institute of Window Technology [ift]

The illbruck window installation and sealing system “i3” was tested in practice by the independent and renowned Institute for Window Technology (ift) in Rosenheim. The interaction of the individual components was tested for the first time in the installed state under extreme conditions and the entire system was evaluated. The system meets the requirements of the energy saving regulation with regard to airtightness.